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Event Summary

Four essential days of ideas and connections

Here's a chance to manifest in plain sight an unforgettable gathering of minds and souls determined to play our part and uncover the hidden truths of our cosmic legacy. The event will unfold as follows:

Thursday Program


2 APRIL 2020

We kick off the HOC2020 program with an exciting journey into paradigm-shifting frequencies. Arrive early to enjoy the genuine treasures of our Exhibitors. The evening shifts into high gear with the discovery of our infinite universal journey, followed by a special Zuni Wisdom Keeper presentation on the Star People. Spend the evening making connections with engaging conversations while visiting the unique land of enchantment in Albuquerque, New Mexico's Duke City.

Friday Program


3 APRIL 2020

The mysterious discoveries of Antarctica start off the second day. Arrive early as our Exhibitors are open for business. Hit the ground running with a keynote discussion on Denisovan origins, Gobekli Tepe, hybrid human origins and the genesis of the giants of ancient America. This sets the tone for the evening with a revolutionary perspective on ancient astronauts in religious scriptures, the Singularity, hidden UFO intelligences and the quest for transcendence.

Saturday Program


4 APRIL 2020

Day Three goes in search of Edgar Cayce's lost world, the geological explorations of sacred geometry, decoding the Ice Age floods, megalithic mysteries of the Serpent Gods and our interstellar Martian Codex. Meet your favorite thought leaders with book signings and photo opportunities, followed by a VIP Cocktail Dinner Party with the speakers. We round out the evening with an analysis of the Walton experience and the extraterrestrial implications for humanity .

Sunday Program


5 APRIL 2020

Day Four launches with infrasound, Cryptid Encounter Syndrome and the aftermath of Sasquatch encounters. We continue with eye-opening seminars on remembering the future, the science of manifestation, Lake Erie UFO phenomena and the mind-blowing aspects of 432 Hz and 528 Hz frequencies. HOC2020 is highlighted with a final Q&A session rounding out the evening as the program concludes with our up-and-coming world-changers summing up the event.


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