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Event Summary

Three vital days of ideas and connections.

Here's a chance to manifest in plain sight an unforgettable gathering of minds and souls determined to play our part and uncover the hidden truths of our cosmic legacy. The event will unfold as follows:

Friday Program


13 MAY 2022

INFO TO COME. STAY TUNED. We kick off the HOC2022 program with an exciting journey into paradigm-shifting frequencies. The afternoon shifts into high gear with an exploration of our reality's Quantum Matrix, followed by the mind-blowing aspects of 432 Hz and 528 Hz frequencies, and the discovery of our extraterrestrial DNA origins. Spend the evening bridging past and present with an engaging discussion on the tools of Shamanism in the modern world.

Saturday Program


14 MAY 2022

INFO TO COME. STAY TUNED. Gear up for Day Two with amazing discoveries in our interstellar Martian Codex. Hit the ground running with a keynote discussion on remembering the future and the science of manifestation. This sets the tone for a revolutionary perspective on an ancient Moorish civilization, the search of Edgar Cayce's lost world, discoveries of Antarctica's hidden mysteries, restoring balance to the planetary grid and reclaiming our ancestral human lineage.

Sunday Program


15 MAY 2022

INFO TO COME. STAY TUNED. Day Three launches with the Singularity, hidden UFO intelligences and the quest for transcendence. We continue with a premiere discussion on the P'nti Star Nation of the Sandia Mountains, the genesis of our official first contact and the extraterrestrial implications for humanity. HOC 2022 is highlighted with a final Q&A session for the evening as the program concludes with our up-and-coming thought leaders summing up the event.


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