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Brooks A. Agnew
Brooks A. Agnew

Brooks A. Agnew
Best-Selling Author,
Engineer and Radio Host
“X-Squared Radio”

Plenary Speaker


YouTube: @brooksagnew
Facebook: @brooksagnew
Twitter: @brooksagnew

Remembering the Future: The physics of the Soul and time travel Brooks A. Agnew


Brooks A. Agnew

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Speaker Profile

Brooks Agnew is internationally renowned for his lectures on science and exploration into the mysteries of the Universe and of the Earth. He grew up in Pasadena, California, hanging around JPL and Cal Tech and entered the Air Force in 1973, where he graduated top in his class in electronics engineering. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University, graduating with honors. As a Certified Quality Engineer, Brooks is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineering and – believe or not – a Six Sigma Master!

After publishing more than ten-thousand articles and technical documents, he authored ten books with seven Amazon best-selling titles in print, including the critically acclaimed “Ark of Millions of Years” trilogy. As one of the world’s most recognized voices in the new awakening genre, his Sunday evening X-Squared Radio program has remained #1 in that American time slot for the past 14 years where he has interviewed more than 250 of the world's greatest authorities on science and spirituality.

He has been featured on History Channel, Discovery Channel and Science Channel, as well as numerous scientific documentaries. He is a multi-patented engineer and currently the CEO of an electric truck manufacturer in North Carolina.

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Lecture Seminar Program

Remembering the Future: The Science of Manifestation

I will be discussing the key that unlocks The Secret of the law of attraction and opens the abundance of the universe, putting you in touch with your entire self in the past and future. The Universe is folded up inside each and every one of us. The future is all about possibilities other than the path to Armageddon you have been taught. Are the prophets wrong? No. Their view of the future is one of many possibilities. You are empowered to make informed choices that will usher in a new future of your choosing and your creation.

We need you. In fact, Planet Earth may not survive without your help. The tools I will be presenting are real and true. They have a strong basis in science that is supported by proven and repeatable physics experiments. Anyone can master these techniques for working the Laws of Attraction to affect the bounty of a mortal life. Everything you do will eventually affect the Universe. Do it on purpose. Presented by Brooks A. Agnew.


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