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George J. Haas
George J. Haas

George J. Haas
The Cydonia Institute

Plenary Speaker

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Speaker Profile

George J. Haas is the founder and premier investigator of the Mars research group known as The Cydonia Institute and is a member of the Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR). His research encompasses over 30 years of study and analysis of NASA and ESA photographs of Mars.

His early schooling was in the visual arts. He was an art instructor, writer, curator, and the former director of the Sculptors’ Association of New Jersey (1999 – 2001). During the 1980s he exhibited extensively throughout the New Jersey and New York area and was represented by the Grace Harkin Gallery in New York’s East Village and had a one man show at the OK Harris Gallery of Art in Soho in 1989.

Over the last two decades Haas has studied the art and iconography of North and South American cultures such as the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec. He has been a member of both the Pre-Columbian Societies at the University of Pennsylvania and in Washington DC.

He has coauthored two books, The Cydonia Codex and The Martian Codex, and 6 science papers related to anomalous formations on Mars, which were published in peer-reviewed science journals.

Haas has appeared on the History Channels Ancient Aliens, The Proof is Out There and The UnXplained. He has also appeared on the Gaia Network's Beyond Belief program with George Noory numerous times.


Lecture Seminar Program

Mars, the Lost Heritage of Earth

George J. Haas will present the program “Mars, the Lost Heritage of Earth” which will attempt to unravel the lost history of the human race and reveal our point of origin. Our story begins over 65 million years ago with the explosion of Planet X, which was located between Jupiter and Mars. Its remains are now known as the asteroid belt. This one galactic event not only destroyed the original occupants of Mars but set in motion a planetary realignment that destroyed the dinosaurs on earth and provided a sanctuary for the first human invasion…from Mars. Presented by George Haas.